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Humanity has managed not to utterly slaughter itself and they have found a way to beat light speed allowing exploration of the stars. This was accomplished by developing the Gravity Lensing Singularity Gate or GLS Gate. These rings form a singularity in their heart that briefly links two points in space and so space craft can fit through them and travel from one system to another.

However, even in space we can’t leave behind the world we came from. Each nation that has the technology to has space craft and either rents gate time from nations with gates or builds their own gate. Each nation also hopes to find resources and information in space that makes it all worth their effort. Early colonies exist under the flag of their homelands, most for the purposes of research and many funded almost exclusively by large corporations. No one is even certain what the corporations seek.

Explore the universe or involve your self in the intrigue of the homeworld, the choice is yours!

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