AF-15 Prophecy Aerospace Fighter



Design Notes

The AF-15 Prophecy Aerospace Fighter is a design continuing the AF series using the lessons learned from the three earlier production models. It combines some of the best features of those designs into a single platform. It is a central hull twin engine design with rear swept wings in a more traditional design than the AF-9 Excalibur was.

It also took the Advanced Equipment Module system to the next level as the Complete Advanced Equipment Module Attachment Point System (CAEMAPS). These modules involved multiple connecting points for equipment to attach to. These new AEM systems could drastically increase the effectiveness of the AF-15.


The AF-15 has a pair of Light Energy Mounts at it’s wing joints which use Hellion Rapid Fire Lasers. It also has a Light Energy Turret which uses a Hellion Rapid Fire Laser Turret. It also has a pair of Internal Missile Bays which can be fitted with either 4-Pack Sparrow MRAM Launchers or 6-Pack Falcon SRAM Launchers.

It then has several external weapons starting with a Heavy Weapon Pylon designed for the Striker GWS Railgun or Slingshot 80 Light Weight Railgun. It then has 4 Missile Pylons for Sparrow MRAMs or 3-Pack Falcon SRAMs. It also has an Complete Advanced Equipment Module Attachment Point System (CAEMAPS). The AF-15 CAEMAPS is most often used in space where it cannot effect agility or speed. It’s also only used when they expect heavy combat as both CAEMAPS units have heavy firepower.


The AF-15 Prophecy Aerospace Fighter is designed as an improved version of the AF-9 Excalibur. The AF-9 was sometimes to agile for it’s own good and some felt a need to move more towards the earlier AF-5 Corsair 2 while retaining the levels of performance seen in the AF-9. The result of the project is the AF-15. Like all AF series designs it was first fielded as part of the UNSC and it’s proven itself quite capable so far. In fact it has completely replaced the older AF-5 Corsair 2 with the AF-15R variant filling the recon role that had been the last holdout for the AF-5.


AF-15R_2.jpgThe AF-15 was planned from the start to have a special recon variant, the AF-15R. The AF-15R adds the radome and ELINT hardware from the AF-5’s AEM Type ES5 with upgrades. The AF-15R has expanded sensor range and ECM/ECCM ability. It’s not quite as fast or maneuverable as the base version, but it does retain the ability to use some AEM units rather than being a AEM unit itself. It can run the AEM Type SM1 unit, though it’s not compatible with the Type TR1 as the radome interferes with the cannon placement. Many wings of AF-15s include a AF-15R to provide ECM/ECCM and enhanced sensor capabilities for the entire wing.

Of course the AF-15 also has the option to use AEM units to increase it’s abilities and it saw several AF-15 specific units created.

The CAEM Type SM1 is a combined booster engine/missile pod, which unlike earlier designs is composed of multiple pieces with the engine pods fitting over the wing and resting against the wing joints. However, it also places additional panels over parts of the engines and bulges out over the wing roots. These are separate pieces that make up the whole unit. This does add 6 more missile bays though which were designed to house 6-Pack Falcon SRAM Launchers. This gives it 36 Falcon SRAMs in total, while it retains it’s ability to use it’s full set of pylons and internal launchers.

The CAEM Type SR4 also combines multiple pieces into a single unit. With the boosters on the wing tips, missile pods placed against the wing joints, and a set of cannons mount on the wing roots stretching out to either side of the cockpit. The ‘cannons’ are full sized Blazefire Lasers, while the missile pods house 4 Missile Bays and use 6-Pack Falcon SRAM Launchers with a set of reloads. So they can fire volleys of 24 Falcons, with a total of 48 Falcons. The power requirements of the AEM Type SR4 limit it’s use as they stretch the power requirements of the AF-15 to it’s limits and then some.

AF-15 Prophecy Aerospace Fighter

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