ASF-17 Hunchback Aerospace Fighter



Design Notes

The ASF-17 is a side project of the HF-7 Sylph Aerospace Fighter and has a somewhat similar radical design. It uses a single inline engine in a pod style mounted under a sweeping hull with broad straight primary wings and a set of smaller and longer secondary wings. It also has engine exhausts in the secondary wings which give it SVTOL ability.


The ASF-17’s weapons are fairly simple with a pair of Light Cannon Mounts to either side of the cockpit using Sanda CIWS Railguns. Then it has 4 Heavy Pylon Mounts which can take Type 142 ASMs, Type 160 Torpedoes, or Twin SM-9 ERAM Pylons.


The ASF-17 ‘Hunchback’ Aerospace Fighter was developed from the research to create the HF-7 Sylph, but was made somewhat smaller and more compact. It also had development begin before the ASF-14 Barukiri, but development delays caused it to be released afterwards. It deviates from all the other aerospace fighters in offering a heavy missile load more in line with a smaller Sylph. While it has only just finished it’s first production run it’s has some success.


The ASF-17 is much to new for variants.

ASF-17 Hunchback Aerospace Fighter

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