Breaker Class Light Frigate



Design Notes

The Breaker Class Light Frigate is only slightly larger than some Corvettes. They are known for being all guns and engines and that’s pretty much true. This is why it’s considered a ‘Gunboat’. They have a very small crew space similar to submarines.

The entire point of pirate vessels is to rundown merchant vessels and disable them before securing choice cargo and taking it home. Either the cargo or the ship entirely. To this end they spend most of their time sitting in low power mode waiting for a target. When they finally encounter a target they pounce.


Almost half the Breaker class is weapons starting with 4 Heavy Cannon Mounts which mount the huge Punisher 250 Heavy Railguns. Then it has 3 Energy Turrets which use the Hellstar Dual Barrel Lite Laser Turrets. These were never intended to be used in turrets and it shows since the entire assembly has to be mounted in the turret making them look incredibly strange. Then it has 6 PD Turret Mounts using the Dual Striker ETC CIWS Turrets. These are based on the classic Phalanx with the biggest ‘change’ being a pair of 20mm multi-barrel turrets instead of a single one. Next are 3 Light Missile Turret Mounts which use 9-Pack Chaser Light Missile Turrets. These are primary anti-fighter weapons for the Breaker. Last are 6 VLS using the 4-Cell Guided Missile VLS with Trident MRAMs.


The Breaker was a shock when the various nations stepped up anti-piracy efforts. It wasn’t meant to hunt merchants, but military vessels. They often are part of a task groups with other pirate vessels and they provide an assist and keep guard while the others do the work. If a convoy shows off some guards these come out to hammer them down along with the bigger vessels.


Breaker Class Light Frigate

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