Daring Class Frigate



Design Notes

The Daring Class Frigate is a United Empire of Britain design created more to break speed records than fight. That said, it’s quite capable fitting in between the Mako Frigate and Ives Heavy Frigate in capability. The vessel though is built around it’s engine which stretches from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail. It is one of the few vessels that can pull sustained G that would pulp the entire crew and speed trials in it require daring, as it’s a matter of pushing the crew to their limits more than the tech.


The Daring has 4 Heavy Turret Mounts fitted with Dual Silver Bullet Railgun Turrets. These are supported by 8 Light Turret Mounts set with Dual Retaliator PD Railgun Turrets. These Retaliator PD uses a pair of railguns to double the rate of fire over a single barrel design. Finally each side holds a HLS Bay with a Star Wolf PD 12 Cell Missile Battery, which lets it fire volleys of 24 missiles.


Daring Class Frigate

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