Gunslinger Class Frigate



Design Notes

The Gunslinger Class Frigate is the least nautical of all UEB designs, being blocky with three large engines. The engines give it decent speed, though it doesn’t have many thrusters or vectored thrust so it’s not very agile. Of particular note is the Hangar Bay just behind the nose of the vessel. It has an access airlock on either side of the hull and is suitably large to launch Shuttles or Corvettes.


The main weapons of the Gunslinger are 8 Heavy Turret Mounts using Ravager 240 Heavy Railgun Turrets. It’s only other weapons are 16 Light Turret Mounts using Radium Laser Ball Turrets. These are slightly larger than typical PD lasers, but usually serve that purpose.

It also has docking facilities for 4 Corvettes or Shuttles with side launching airlocks.


The Gunslinger Class Frigate was designed by the UEB admiralty as a ‘pocket carrier’ that can launch a pair of corvettes and a pair of shuttles to augment it’s own weapons. The idea the admiralty had was a Frigate which could carry enough shuttles to land a good sized combat force. In practice they often carried a pair of Corvettes like the Rocket Class Corvettes and a pair of Shuttles.


While not exactly a ‘variant’ per se, the Gunslinger is a favorite of the supply division of the navy. They use them as transports and tenders, replacing the corvette and shuttle capacity for a large cargo space. The Gunslinger is armed well enough few raiding parties want to engage them, so even though they don’t have massive cargo holds they can almost guarantee what they bring will get where it’s going.

Gunslinger Class Frigate

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