Important Terms and definitions

Range and Distance

In space often the best measure for distance is in Light Seconds (LS) or Light Minutes (LM), some also still use AU, or Astronomical Units, but that term is being phased out or used exclusively in the Sol system as it is the distance between Earth and it’s sun.

  • 1 LS = 299,792 km or 186,282 miles
  • 1 LM = 17,987,547.48 kilometers or 11.177 million miles
  • 1 LM is also 60 LS
  • 1 AU = 499.005 LS or 8.31675 LM

Distances between two objects in space are usually measured fractions or full units. So two vessels near each other could be at 0.1 LS, 1/10th LS, or ~29,000 km. Two planets could be 5 LM from each other or 300 LS. Though usually distance between planets is measured in LM or sometimes even light days.

Important Terms and definitions

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