J2 Bing Bao Space Fighter



Design Notes

The J-2 Bing Bao Space Fighter was the first space only fighter design of the Peoples Republic of China. It’s a fairly simple design that used a large cylindrical engine that runs into a arrow shaped primary hull. It has atmospheric features for ‘atmospheric skimming’, where it enters the upper atmosphere. For the same reason all the weapons are internal. The engine is quite capable of getting the fighter moving and in fact if it’s running empty could reach speeds that would knock pilots out.


The primary weapon of the Bing Bao is it’s Axial Heavy Cannon Mount using a Type 125 Helical Railgun. This was backed up by a pair of Light Energy Mounts using Type 15 Lasers. These didn’t cause very much damage, but had solid range and a quick recharge between ‘shots’. Lastly it has an internal Light Missile Bay which is fitted with a 12 Pack Biao Interception SRM Bay. These can be fired in volleys of 6 if needed.


The J-2 Bing Bao was seen as a bright spot for the Chinese space program, which mocked the aerospace designs favored by most nations. However, when it started to see action most were underwhelmed by it’s actual ability. The only thing it excelled at was going fast, really fast. This led to them moving it into a Interceptor role taking on enemy fighters or even intercepting missiles. While not optimally armed for this they worked well regardless.


The Bing Bao was worked on and altered a few times leading to a couple of variants. All variants including the original still see production.

The Bing Bao ACI30 replaced the axial cannon and energy mounts for a pair of Cannon Mounts. These were fitted with Type 30 CIWS Rotary Railguns. These have a much higher rate of fire and damage mix than the original. It also let it fill an attack craft role as well as interception, though this is seldom called on. It is less capable against harder targets like enemy capitol ships though where the 30mm rounds may not crack the armor on larger vessels.

The Bing Bao R is a recon variant which removed the weapon mounts and reduced the missile bay to a 4 Pack Biao Interception SRM Bay. In return it gained ECM/ECCM and increased sensor and communications abilities. It’s a favorite of their intelligence service for it’s ability to track enemy communications and stay hidden, though less useful in combat. Sometimes a single R type is put into an interception wing to provide ECM and ECCM ability to the wing.

J2 Bing Bao Space Fighter

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