Kashin Class Missile Destroyer



Design Notes

The Kashin Class Missile Destroyer is the hammer of the Russian Federation. These ships were designed to punch well above their weight as they focused on missile combat and removed systems not needed for combat. The are designed to stay in the back and launch massive missile volleys to kill the enemy. This makes them expensive to run, but highly effective against other vessels.


The Kashin is armed with 4 Heavy Turrets, usually equipped with Vspyshka UV Laser Turrets as it’s primary weapons. It also has 8 PD Turrets with Mukhoboyka Railgun CIWS Turrets. However, it’s main weapons are missiles. It’s missile batteries start with 40 Heavy Missile Ports usually fitted with Sunburn S-800 ASM Tubes and 4 V/HLS Arrays each equipped with a 96 Cell Kinzhal AFM V/HLS Array. This gives it volleys with 40 heavy Sunburn ASMs and 384 Kinzhal AFMs. The Kinzhals are usually used against soft targets or to thicken a volley against a target in range alongside the Sunburns.


The Kashin saw action against a pirate task force including fighters, corvettes, and frigates. It decimated the enemy before they even closed to attack, destroying the enemy frigates in it’s first exchange.


The Kashin came exactly as listed here, however the next several Kashin series Destroyers had variations in their loadout and configuration.

The Moskva replaced the 8 Mukhoboyka Railgun CIWS Turrets with 8 Gen 2 Gauntlet Laser Turrets. These are twice as powerful as ones on the Krivak Class Heavy Frigates. This gives the Moskva better general fighting ability, without sacrificing to much Point Defense. However, it does use more power and so has a harder limit on it’s combat endurance.

The Varyag replaced the 4 Vspyshka UV Laser Turrets with Razrushat 400 Series Railgun Turrets. These turrets could not be retracted as they were simply to large to do so. However, the close-in firepower skyrocketed on this variant as these massive cannons matched the main guns of many cruisers. It was very ammo dependent though with all it’s weapons needing ammo.

The Primorsk modified the missile loadout upping the Sunburn S-800 ASM Tubes from 40 to 48 and reducing the size of the V/HLS arrays to 60 cells each, for 240 Kinzhal AFMs total. It also greatly increased the storage for missiles, allowing more volleys to be launched.

Kashin Class Missile Destroyer

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