Kou Aerospace Fighter



Design Notes

The Kou is heavily based on Shenyang’s older classic FC-31 and similar aircraft. It’s a narrow wing twin engine design that has decent stealth and an internal light missile bay augmented by external hardpoints. Of note is that it lacks cannon weapons. Another note is their narrow design makes them very useful as carrier based designs whether that is water navy or space navy.


The Kou has an internal Light Missile Bay with a 4-Pack Biao Interception SRM Launcher. All it’s other weapons are external starting with pair of wingtip Missile Pylons for mounting Mangshe AMRM Missiles. Then it has another pair of Missile Pylons which can mount either a 4-Pack Biao Interception SRM Pod with auxiliary fuel taken from the C-1 Diao or the 10-Shot Sky Arrow 120 Rocket Pod. Lastly it has a pair of Heavy Missile Pylons designed to carry the Eagle Strike C-109 Anti-Ship Missiles.


The Kou Aerospace Fighter is a Chinese design for a multi-role aerospace fighter. For a long time the Chinese had avoided having a Aerospace fighter, relying on ground based aircraft and then a line of space only fighters. Eventually though they had to admit that ground based fighters had hit a wall where they needed to be able to provide interception of vessels in space or be replaced by ground based artillery and AA batteries. This led to them buying the C-1 Daio which was a joint Russian/Chinese project. However the Chinese wanted something of their own to fill that gap and the Kou was the result.

While not perfect, the Kou filled a big gap and on top of that made a very good carrier based fighter design. It never entirely replaced the C-1 Diao, but the two generally complement each other.


Several potential variants have been tested since it’s introduction, but the Chinese focus is still on Space Fighter design so those never reached a production stage. However, many of the lessons learned in those experimental version went into the Yanjingshe Heavy Fighter and others will likely go into an eventual replacement for the Kou itself.

Kou Aerospace Fighter

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