Mako Frigate



Design Notes

The Mako is a support frigate meant to act as part of a group. They are fast and relatively agile designs focused on ballistic weapons and anti-missile missiles for point defense. Their speed comes from a single primary engine with four nacelles and vectored thrust ports. It’s real lack is in thrusters, which it lacks, relying on it’s main engines for maneuvering. They also use a stealth hull and ECM to let them get in close to opponents without being detected.

Left on their own the Mako isn’t very impressive. It is designed to perform passing engagements on the enemy, approaching from stealth until it reaches the range of it’s guns, then flipping ship as it passes and decelerating to try to continue in range. However, It is very easy for a Mako to overshoot it’s target during an engagement and then it needs to circle back around to re-engage. With no support and no missiles of it’s own to use against the enemy it’s at a serious disadvantage when this occurs. A better tactic is often to come up on a target from behind and match velocity or perform a close range minimal overtake manuever.


The Mako has a simple set of weapons. It’s main guns are 5 Heavy Turrets, which are fitted with Twin Silver Bullet Railgun Turrets. It’s only other system is a pair of Light Horizontal Launch System Bays, which usually contain a Star Wolf PD Missile 16 Cell Battery.


The Mako is part of the second generation of designs created by the UEB and it shows. In general it’s a quite capable design, but it was intended for short range conflicts which rarely happen unless it manages to catch the enemy by surprise. It is far more useful paired with other vessels in a task group.

In fact it’s best known when paired with 2 Hammerhead Frigates. This became known as an ‘Aegis Task Group’ for it’s prolific point defense fire. The Hammerhead has the same stealth and ECM abilities as the Mako and so makes a good fit. The Hammerhead also has a pair of heavy missile tubes, giving the task group that ‘breakaway’ fire that the Mako itself lacks.


While the Mako has been around for quite awhile, no true variants were made. However a new vessel, the Ives Heavy Frigate, was created based on the Mako’s design.

Mako Frigate

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