Pennsylvania Class Monitor



Design Notes

The Pennsylvania Monitor was designed to be a king of space combat, large and bulky to take incoming hits and shrug them off. It’s also faster than you may expect with two primary engines and four secondaries nearly as large with the engines make up nearly half the ships total mass. The fore section houses most of the crew sections and the direct fire weapons. This section could literally fit a Japanese Izanagi Class Light Cruiser inside of it with space left over and that comparison is apt as the main railgun is the same size between the two.


The Pennsylvania Monitor has an Axial Heavy Railgun Mount using the massive Titan 3K Railgun. To back this fixed weapon up are a pair of Axial Heavy Laser Mounts using Exostar XL UV Lasers. Then it has 16 Light Laser Turret Mounts using Blazefire Laser Turrets, which are used primarily as point defense for the vessel. Finally it has a pair of HLS Banks equipped with Avenger ASM 16-Cell Bays.


The Pennsylvania Class Monitor was one of the very first military spacecraft and predates the GLS Gates. It has seen some upgrades since it was first constructed, but it’s been kept in service as the flagship for the UNSC. It’s also still got brutal levels of firepower combining missiles, 3 heavy fixed mounts, and over a dozen laser domes for point defense. It also has upper and lower hangar bays, with the upper bay typically holding it’s shuttles while the lower one holds fighters.


With only one Pennsylvania class having been built, no variants are possible.

Pennsylvania Class Monitor

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