Sobaka Class Frigate



Design Notes

The Sobaka, or Hound, Class Frigate is a early Russian Federation design. They are small and lightly armed compared to many later vessels, though in concept not that far from the later United States Ares Class Frigate, though they lack that designs powerful lasers and are half the size.


The Soboka’s direct fire weaponry consists of 6 Light Turrets mounted with 4 early Mukhoboyka Railgun CIWS Turrets and 2 ball style Gauntlet Laser Turrets. While these systems would be used as point defense for later vessels, the Soboka was intended to use these to engage enemy vessels in direct combat with the option to use them for point defense when needed. The Soboka’s missile weaponry consists of 4 H/VLS Bays typically armed with 12 Cell Kinzhal AFM V/HLS Arrays. This provides solid medium range ability and can be used both offensively and in a defensive role against enemy fighters or missiles.


When the class was first developed they were the front line of the Russian Federations fleet. However, they were soon outclassed by almost all their rivals with weapons to light to do the job they were built for. They would lose their role as primary fighting vessels for the RF and instead become task group support vessels, fighter hunters, and recon specialists.


The entire series would see many small upgrades over time. Namely in variations of it’s original weapons as better versions were developed.

A second generation was eventually created with better engines and an advanced stealth hull. These were almost twice as expensive, but made much better recon vessels.

Sobaka Class Frigate

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