Vega Class Heavy Frigate



Design Notes

The Vega Class Heavy Frigate is a very typical pirate vessel, heavy on laser weapons to intimidate merchant vessels with. However, this is a much heavier vessel than typically used by pirates. Only the most well off pirates can hope to own one of these, but as it can go up against military vessels when needed it’s not a bad investment.

The entire point of pirate vessels is to rundown merchant vessels and disable them before securing choice cargo and taking it home. Either the cargo or the ship entirely. To this end they spend most of their time sitting in low power mode waiting for a target. When they finally encounter a target they pounce.


The Vega has a very wide array of lasers as it’s main weapons. Starting with a Heavy Energy Mount using a Hellstar Heavy Laser, backed up by a pair of Energy Mounts also using Hellstar Lasers. Then it has 3 Heavy Turret Mounts set with Pulsar Heavy Laser Turrets, a pair of Turret Mounts with Pulsar Laser Turrets. Then it has some projectile weapons used primarily for point defense with 4 Light Turret Mounts using a pair of Dual Havok Railgun CIWS Turrets and a pair of Havok Railgun CIWS Turrets as well as 4 PD Turret Mounts using Dual Havok ETC CIWS Turrets.


The Vega Class Heavy Frigate seems to have been created by a pirate group with access to a decent shipyard. The result was a Frigate that could handle the best armed merchants and deal with light military forces in a pinch. Production of the Vega seems limited, but it has proven popular with bands that can afford them. Since it was designed to fill the role pirates need most this is no surprise.


While not a true ‘variant’ some Vegas have been seen to replace their laser turrets with railguns. This reduces the power load and lets it use it’s fixed lasers more often.

Vega Class Heavy Frigate

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