Warspite Class Cruiser



Design Notes

The Warspite was one of the first cruisers created and used by the United Empire of Britain and it’s large with fins that spread out to mark the width it needs to pass through a gate. It’s sensor tower actually makes the design difficult to fit through many gates and is a weakpoint at close range. It’s built around a single engine with four exhaust ports, each of which with vectored thrust ability that makes it very agile.


It has two kinds of fixed mount weapons. The larger one is a spinning light laser turret that covers the rear engine compartment. This was made a fixed design for point defense covering the engines. The other fixed mount is a pair of light lasers in each of the armored weapons pods. The reasons for these is largely unknown, but the consensus is that these were intended for use as direct fire weapons against debris in front of the ship.

The non-fixed weapons are: 7 Heavy Turrets, usually mounted with Twin Ravager 400 Heavy Railgun Turrets. 8 Point Defense Turrets, usually mounted with Retaliator PD Railguns. They also have 16 Missile Heavy Ports, with the UEN making use of the Aster Heavy Missile in single tubes.


The first in the series and the namesake Warspite has proven itself in several engagements with other groups.

Warspite Class Cruiser

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