Wasp Class Light Cruiser



Design Notes




Most Wasp Class vessels follow the profile above, however a few of the ones produced so far have a different configuration.

The Monroe was an attempt to make the Light Cruiser into a more direct combat platform. It removes one section of Docking Bays and replaced this with a gunnery section with 4 new Heavy Turret mounts. These mounts were equipped with Triple Titan 750 Railgun Turrets. As some of the biggest railguns around these are absolutely devastating up close. It also replaced the assault shuttles with a wing of fighters.

The Mongomery was an attempt to make it a more focused Assault Carrier. To this end it replaced the rotating drum section with another set of Docking Bays, bringing it’s total to 12. This means that it’s a completely zero-G design which limits it’s endurance.

The Bronx was finished during a series of budget cuts and so had to forgo all it’s energy weapons. The mounts still exist and later it would be armed with 12 Slingshot 125 Light Weight Railgun Turrets taken from the Ares Class Frigate to fill it’s need for point defense.

Wasp Class Light Cruiser

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